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High-Quality Auto Supplies

Allparts Auto Parts Inc. offers a wide variety of auto supplies, from seat covers and wiper blades to jumper cables and LED lighting. You'll soon discover that our prices are as strong as other auto shops, and that our car knowledge is second to none! Call today if you're looking for a specific tire!

Comprehensive vehicle equipment

  • Steering wheel covers

  • Seat covers

  • Wiper blades: Anco factory wiper blades in specific sizes and standard winter wiper blades

  • Oil and lubricant - extensive supply of oil. Lots of cars require different oils, so consult with us to get the correct oil for maximum vehicle performance.

  • CAM2, Pennzoil, MobilOne, Amsoil, Castrol, Kendall, and Royal Purple brands.

  • Conventional, semi-synthetic, and full synthetic oils

  • High-performance/higher grade oils

  • Auto tools: hand tools, wrenches, sockets, adapters

  • For the shade-tree mechanic or the professional

  • Specialty tools: for Nissan, carry Lisle specialty tools, OTC Tools

  • Scanners: used to read the codes

  • Jumper packs: portable jump units, hand held

  • Jumper cables

  • Head lights / tail lights

  • Factory replacement and LED lighting

  • Upholstery cleaning supplies

  • Full line of Meguiar’s products

  • Meguiar’s top shelf mirror glazes, full line of waxes and cleaners and upholstery products, car wash products, rubbing compounds, tire cleaners, wheel cleaners, and headlight restoration

  • Turtle wax, Black Magic, Armor All, Rain-X, No Touch

  • Drip pans: oil drain pans, funnels, shop rags, hand cleaners, Homerun Hand cleaner

  • PB Blaster, throttle body spray, power steering fluid, Lucas oil additives

  • Floor mats: Weather Tech, Husky Liner: premium, laser fit

  • Air freshener: full line, trees, and sprays

  • Tires: Can order and supply, at competitive pricing

  • Slime tire repair products

  • Fix a flat, tire gauges, tire repair kits, tire repair plug kits

  • Jacks: Bottle Jacks, 2-ton, slide hydraulic jacks under frame

  • Wide assortment of floor jacks

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